About Us

The last few decades have seen many schools invest in PC Labs as an attempt to integrate ICT in education. Various technologies have been touted as ideal, for example PC Labs that include Desktops and thin Clients. Educators have struggled to fully integrate these technologies because classrooms are special places were the ultimate goal is learning enablement. Classrooms require special technologies that conform to the way that learners work and move around and accommodate changes in learners' behaviour in such a way that learners not only embrace, but also celebrate the classroom space.

Established in 2000, eLearning Solutions is an ecosystem of partners that plan, design, deploy and manage sustainable ICT based 21st century learning solutions. With offices in South Africa and Zimbabwe, eLearning Solutions supports over 1000 primary and secondary schools across SADC and COMESA.

eLearning Solutions' starting point is that technology in itself can never be a solution to all the educational problems. Neither can we hope for a quick solution to the problem of equitable access to technology by the majority of our people. We recognize that, the twin goals of equity and high quality education have profound and practical meaning for our economy and society, and we cannot permit one to yield to the other in principal and practice. To do so would deny young people their chance to learn and live according to their aspirations and abilities. It would lead to a generalized accommodation to mediocrity in our society on the one hand or the creation of an undemocratic elitism on the other. Nonetheless, we believe that what Africa chooses to do with technology can be a significant factor in education and training.

We also understand that delivering learning materials requires an understanding of the value and strengths of traditional teaching methods and practices. Effective integration follows careful consideration of the ways in which technology can be incorporated to assist in attaining education goals.

Zimbabwe Office

57 Fife Avenue
Avenues, Harare
Phone: +263 4 799002- 4
Mobile: 263 772 808704 / 263 772 773332
Email: info@elearning.co.zw

South Africa Office

Building 16
Woodlands Office Park
Woodmead, Johannesburg
South Africa
Phone: +27 11 656 5027-8
Mobile: +27 83 340 9456
Email: info@elearningsolutions.biz