Digital Content


We have a comprehensive suite of interactive lessons covering Maths & Sciences from Primary school to Secondary school levels

We have a collection of tools that allows the custom creation and delivery of tailor made content that can be served on any platform. This innovative and interactive content enhances the learning process of the student and makes learning a dynamic and exciting experience. It features self-paced tutorials that are brought to digital life with graphics, animations and sound. This content is available both for schools access and for home uses on our mobile learning platform.

Our Digital Content offers a unique combination of 3D videos, simulations, experiments, learning activities, quizzes, texts, images, web links & learning objects. It also offers the ability to create and customise content.

Zimbabwe Office

57 Fife Avenue
Avenues, Harare
Phone: +263 4 799002- 4
Mobile: 263 772 808704 / 263 772 773332

South Africa Office

Building 16
Woodlands Office Park
Woodmead, Johannesburg
South Africa
Phone: +27 11 656 5027-8
Mobile: +27 83 340 9456