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Intel Teach

Intel® Teach Getting Started course is a professional development off¬ering to assist classroom teachers who have little to no computer experience to acquire basic technology literacy skills and an introduction towards developing 21st century approaches to teaching and learning.

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Digital Skills Foundation

It is an ICT skills training programme aimed at providing learners with requisite tech skills needed to succeed in the workplace as well as preparing them for continuous learning. DSP also equips educators with ICT skills for the effective integration of technology in teaching and learning.

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Education Software


This next-generation learning relationship management system allows teachers to generate individualized content for students. It uses adaptive learning to assist teachers to build and distribute customized e-learning material from a wide range of open education resources.

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ICT Products

ICT Infrastructure & Facilities

We have developed a model classroom environment that is conducive to learning and accommodate changes in children’s behaviour in such a way that the children appreciate & embrace the learning space.

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Education Software


Veative: Learning made easier with Virtual Reality which has brought a paradigm shift in learning and teachers have been empowered to help students learn in a better way. Interact and engage.

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Education Software


We provide advanced software applications to enable high interactivity content and adaptive learning. Our main goal being to advance toward modern technology driven education systems

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