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eLearning Solutions is the leading provider
of technology-enhanced solutions for teaching and learning. The primary aim of our solutions is to make learners succeed by raising their performances in the
various spheres of their life. We achieve our goal by designing, developing and deploying technology enhanced curriculum content, teacher professional development and learning environment.

"shaping the future in education by creating relevant integrated solutions that support educators, stimulate learners and promote learning excellence"

What we offer

Classroom eLearning

Schools today recognize that IT literacy is critical for success in the worldwide digital economy. As such, basic computing skills are a requirement, or at least an aspiration, of every education system. To address the need of providing these skills to as many students as possible

Intel Teach Teacher Training

The Intel® Teach Getting Started course is a professional development oering to assist classroom teachers who have little to no computer experience to acquire basic technology literacy skills and an introduction towards developing 21st century approaches to teaching and learning. Over 10 million teachers worldwide have received this training making the single most pervasive teacher qualification on the planet.

Courses and Diplomas

Do you want to improve your career prospects, gain an added advantage over others? Our range of Courses and Diplomas are designed to help boost both your confidence and enhance your skills.

Our Services

Consulting in Digital Learning

ICT Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation

Teacher orientation sessions & training

Digital Literacy & Entrepreneurship Training Program

21st Century Skills Workshop for ICT Teachers

ICT in Education Policy development for Schools, Clusters, Districts, Provinces etc..

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