Enjoy quick transfer of the information, elevated resolution screen output and computer charge using a slender and reversible Type C cable. A fingerprint reader operates with Windows Hello to safely connect to your PC with only one touch.
Get the perfect angle of the screen by up to 165 °. For convenient typing, the fully sized magnetic snap-on keyboard doubles like a screen cover. This sleek metal cover and unique rims ensures you function in fashion and play.
In addition, the screen uses IPS technology with vivid colors of up to 178o1. Our last gene processors discussed whether it is powering through the worldly or breezing functions that are the most complicated. With up to 12hours2 of battery life, complete the day with time to spare. The Swift 2 promotes Gigabit Wi-Fi1 and 4 G LTE1 systems. The Swift 3 supports your signal strength and consistency.
This slim laptop has a look and mobility with a thin 14.1 mm thickness. Your unit is intended to keep with you all day long, with a battery life of up to 12 hours. Your laptop is also supercharged for both play and work with an Intel ® Pentium ®Processor2. A 11.6 “FHD IPS screen and the crisp, dynamic color Acer Color IntelligenceTM bring a powerful, coherent, Gigabit cellular connectivity wireless signal to life.
This slim laptop has a look and mobility at only 1.5 kg. In all four types when they are supplied with front-facing speakers, enjoy sounds with higher clarity. A sleek, dynamic colours come together with a 13.3 “FHD IPS and Acer Color IntelligenceTM. Using the 8th Gen Intel ® Core TM i7 processor.2, supercharge your Laptop for your job. Keep a powerful and coherent Gigabit Wi-Fi connection wireless signal.
This ChromebookTM is intended to resist the rigors of college life. Share and match with ChromebookTM all day.
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