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Working in an office needs up-to-date computer literacy and an awareness of different roles and duties in a dynamic workplace.


Excel Expert

Our Excel Expert level course gives you the abilities and know-how to take sophisticated use of this famous tablet program. You can choose to explore in 2013 or 2010, and you can discover how to conduct duties like formatting, capturing and operating macros, using pivoting tables and statistical features over a sequence of self-studied courses.


The most common spreadsheet program in the world is Microsoft Excel. This course is appropriate for beginners to middle classes. Over 10 self-paced courses, you’ll know how to format your tablet so that your data is best displayed, you can use easy, complicated equations, insert graphs, insert features like IFERROR and much more.

Excel 2016

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2016 characteristics and functions in this distinctive internet training. The complete course will show you how to generate worksheets, format them, use features, tables, equations, etc. This course can be explored by modules that will help you choose the particular items you most like to focus upon if you already have some knowledge with Excel and simply want to know some aspects of the programme.

Excel Expert 2016

This course enables you to know more about Microsoft Excel 2016 functions and characteristics. See features like macros, pivot tables, formula features and more. You can study the whole course or choose to explore personal courses which fit your needs, if you need expertise in particular fields.

Microsoft Excel Level 1

Our Microsoft Excel Level 1 course is a very convenient, tutor-led course. It is appropriate for beginners and teaches you how to build, handle and use Excel tablets. Convey information on their upcoming meetings in different teaching facilities around the UK. Anything you want rite here. To paraphrase it, click the Quill It key to the right.

Microsoft Excel Level 2

This Level 2 Excel seminar is ideal for those with previous knowledge using this famous tablet program. You will examine issues like sophisticated equations, create and modify tables, present your information using diagrams, work with graphical artifacts, and more throughout the one-day workshop.

Microsoft Excel Level 3

This Excel Level 3 workshop will be held over a day. It is managed by a tutor, but is very practical. You will acquire knowledge using some of Microsoft Excel’s most sophisticated characteristics such as workflow simplification and safety and collaboration with other customers in your excellent workbook and workbook audits.

Microsoft Excel Workshop

This seminar is conducted by our training center and provides you with a unique opportunity to tailor this Excel workshop to suit your exact needs.

Our Microsoft Excel classes teach you the various concepts to use Excel tablets for a variety of reasons.

Whether you are needed to use Excel to report statistics, capture information or measure outcomes, or perhaps you are operating towards a financial goal such as reporting taxes, our Microsoft Excel Courses will guide you through using the software in a multitude of distinct situations. All of this will improve your program understanding and guarantee that you can immediately put what you have learned into practice.

From the creation of formulas to the development of multipage reports and pivot tables, the flexibility and functions available in Excel will have a real impact on your working life. Excel is intended to simplify finances and information–so all accessible shortcuts and equations must be taken in order to reduce your workload. Many functions involve Microsoft Excel to be basicly understood, along with all the useful tips and tricks to assist you get out of the public. Our Microsoft Excel instruction will assist you with progress in other fields such as accounting and bookkeeping, which also use this basic software program.

Our Microsoft Excel classes offer a variety of abilities and knowledge, based on your present stage.

We give you a variety of Microsoft Excel classes so you can pick our Excel classes and seminars for beginners, Excel intermediate or advanced, depending on the variant of the course. In order to reflect improvements in employment and, indeed, improvements to the Microsoft Office suite, we also frequently review the classes we give. We give refresher and sophisticated concentrations, both of which assist you improve your understanding and immediately use your fresh abilities.

You may want a look at some of our other classes, including Bookkeeping, Sage Accounting and AAT Foundation Diploma in Accounting, to improve the utilization of Microsoft Excel.

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