Microsoft Word

Courses in Microsoft Word will enable you to become proficient in the staple programme of the workplace, providing you with efficient skills to produce documents.


Microsoft Word Level 1 - Seminar

This is a one-day, tutor-led seminar that will help you quickly get to grips with Microsoft Word, the world renowned word processing programme. We can train on 2013 or 2010 according to your requirements and the seminar is suitable for beginner level. You’ll start from scratch and look how to create, navigate, and save documents. You’ll then also look at formatting your document, working with tables and lists and much more!

Microsoft Word Level 2 - Seminar

The most common spreadsheet program in the world is Microsoft Excel. This course is appropriate for beginners to middle classes. Over 10 self-paced courses, you’ll know how to format your tablet so that your data is best displayed, you can use easy, complicated equations, insert graphs, insert features like IFERROR and much more.

Microsoft Word Level 3 - Seminar

This is an advanced Microsoft Word seminar that aims to take your knowledge to a more expert level. With topics such as how to work with references, marks, notes, index and table of contents, document security settings and working with forms; we’re confident this one-day tutor-led course will leave you with a higher level working knowledge of this populate Microsoft Office programme.

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